We are a bunch of strangers...

We meet once a week on Zoom.

Sunday's 11:00 AM New York @ Zoom.Facilitator.One
Listen to your heart, risk to join us (-;

Thank you Merrill

Hello fellow human, we found each other through Merrill Harmin, who moved on at age 93 ❤️

This website here is an attempt to say thank you to Merrill, and to nourish the seeds he/life planted.

Structure supports spontaneity

We meet for an hour on Sunday.

Questions are being asked, we take turns, we listen (avoiding cross-talk), we have chit-chat, we reflect, have an end-note; all just in a short hour (-;

At first it may sound boring or rigid, until we experience it for ourself and see that the words are secondary. 

We don't need to compete, impress, pretend or hide; if we don't like a question we simply say "I pass".

What makes us human?

It can be quite refreshing to experience the openness of "I don't know"... (pause)

We don't need to like each other, we don't need to agree, we can agree to disagree.

Besides gossip, politics, money, desires, there is a beauty, a presence, a warmth (maybe call it love) by being together, by simply allowing what is, by not running away.

In short: it's a safe space to relax our person.

The email Hello@Facilitator.One is being forwarded to David Valley.
Feel encouraged to send an email to learn more, and to experience our meetings.

Life is precious, life is more than what we think.
If not now, then when?

More about Merrill's work @ Life-Talk.Org

Life-Talk is a free, small-group, high-interest activity. 

It empowers people to feel safe enough to talk honestly about their lives and strong enough to open to new possibilities.

Life Talk can be viewed as a self-directed lab for lighting up our lives.

The Life-Talk.org website might shut down soon...

100 Daily Questions, approved by Merrill:

Daily Questions - ALL.pdf

Unassociated with Merrill Harmin,
but also dedicated to lighting up lives,
to experience relevance: